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How To Build A Champion Part 1

The New England Patriots were the NFL’s team of the decade.  In Christopher Price’s book The Blueprint he uncovers the architectural design of the team that has become the standard for how to construct a NFL franchise.  Regardless of your profession, these principles are transferable to building your organization.  Some of Price’s many findings from the 2000 and 2001 […]

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10 Things Every Husband Wants To Hear

In any area of a man’s life, his level of performance is in direction proportion to his wife’s confidence in him.  I was reminded of that fact this morning as we were getting ready for the day and my wife said “I love my life!”  As she said that I was filled with a healthy sense of pride.  As a husband […]

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What Are You Thinking?

Great thinkers fascinate me.  I often wonder what they focus their attention on?  What questions do they ask?  What books are they reading?  Who are they talking to?  What do they not do?  How do they make use of their time?  Of all the questions I ask myself though, here’s what I wonder about most – What new ideas are they coming […]

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10 Things That Wake Leaders Up At 2:00 AM

There are perks to leadership and there is a price to leadership.  Nowhere is this better demonstrated than what wakes you up in the middle of the night. We’ve all been there.  The anxiousness, the stress dreams, the pit in your stomach that sometimes come with the leadership responsibilities we carry.  It’s so hard NOT to […]

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Confessions Of A College Freshman

Amanda Wing has captured the heart of my family.  You see, Amanda is my niece.  I had not seen her for years but she has recently become a significant part of our lives.  This week we are celebrating with her as she is moving to Dalton State College to begin her freshman year. Christian leaders understand this will be a pivotal time […]

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