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Frontview Mirror

As we head into a good sports weekend, the following are key thoughts that I have: Heisman Trophy race. If you had no knowledge of college football, the following would be your current leaders: 1) Jimmy Clausen 2) Jacory Harris 3) A.J. Green. We all know that Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy are the leaders, […]

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Mark Richt and the Strength of Personality

Living in Georgia, there is much conversation regarding Mark Richt and how his calm demeanor is affecting his team’s performance. Before providing my thoughts, I would like to provide a little history on other low-key personalities in the sports world. Tim Duncan. Tim’s level of intensity was often maligned early in his career, particularly when […]

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Denver Broncos Exceeding Expectations

I got an interesting question today – “Why do you think the Denver Broncos are 5-0?” The reason I was asked this was because my preseason prediction was that they would have the worst record in the NFL and that the Seattle Seahawks, who own their 2010 first round pick, would have the first pick […]

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Coach Marvin Lewis of the Cincinnati Bengals

For the first time, I am impressed with the character of the Cincinnati Bengals. This new attitude is led by Head Coach Marvin Lewis. Here are some facts about Coach Lewis compiled from articles several years ago: He wouldn’t take the Cincinnati job until upgrades were made in travel, food, and their weight room. He […]

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