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Frontview Mirror – Things I Am Thinking

As I wind down a very productive week, the following are several things I am thinking and focused on as we approach the weekend. Congratulations to the New York Yankees, the gold standard of American team sports. I found it interesting that everyone kept focusing on their pitchers starting with limited rest. What everyone neglected […]

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Why Good Teams Go Bad Part 2

In Part 2 of Why Good Teams Go Bad, I will examine what I think is the main reason a team can go from 13-3 or 14-2 to a losing season…the Quarterback. Capacity. 9 of the 12 teams had QBs age 30 or over. 2 others, Mark Brunell was 29 and Donovan McNabb was 28. […]

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Why Good Teams Go Bad Part 1

The Tennessee Titans started this NFL season with six consecutive losses after going 13-3 in 2008. Since the NFL expanded to a 16 game season in 1978, 12 of the 47 teams that went 13-3 or better had losing records the next year. That’s an amazing 26%! I had to find out why and if […]

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Rearview Mirror

Very memorable weekend. Here are some of my thoughts: Another great day at Fellowship Bible Church. Crawford Loritts delivered another life-changing message from Acts 15 on how God uses conflict. I learned a lot! Go to later this week to hear the message. Brett Favre returned to Green Bay with 4 touchdown passes and […]

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