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5 Lies Men Believe

This morning my wife and I were discussing a book she is currently reading called Lies Women Believe: And the Truth that Sets Them Free by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.  During our discussion, I began to think about the lies that we men believe. After processing my own experiences and those of the people I know, […]

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Notes From Community Group Leaders Training

Today I trained a number of Community Group leaders at Fellowship Bible Church (  Listed below is the outline I used. The focal passage I used was Luke 5:27-32. The Value of Jesus 1. Priorities – Jesus loved people.  2. Protects – Who is the most important person on Sunday?  Answer – The Visitor.  3. Propagation […]

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Getting Through Tough Times

There is a great article today on discussing why Joe Girardi is a great fit for the New York Yankees. In essence, he can handle the pressure of the New York spotlight because he is unflappable, all business and has a calm demeanor. That got me to thinking… We all face high pressure situations […]

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Adding Leaders: Insights from the 2010 Kansas City Chiefs Draft

On Monday, April 26th in Peter King’s great column Monday Morning QB ( he noted that five of the seven Kansas City Chief 2010 draft picks were captains of the college teams. They were: Eric Berry of the Tennessee Volunteers who was also the best defensive player in the draft not named Suh. Dexter McCluster […]

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