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14 Things High Profile Leaders Want In A Friend

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Do you wish to become friends and have influence with your pastor, boss, the successful head coach, or perhaps someone with a very large platform?  If so, the following story is for you. A July 5, 1991 meeting between two business titans became the catalyst for an enduring friendship which changed the lives of hundreds […]

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10 Signs Of Highly Successful Leaders With Grit

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The title of this post, 10 Signs Of Highly Successful Leaders With Grit, is misleading.  Because you cannot have success without grit.  It is inherent in successful leaders. Angela Duckworth in her excellent book Grit: The Power Of Passion And Perseverance says, “Talent x Effort = Skill.  Skill x Effort = Achievement.”  L. Jon Wertheim […]

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7 Things Great Leaders Have Learned To Do

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Great leaders have learned a set of practices, that if done well over an extended period of time, can provide you sustained leadership success. There are simply things great leaders consistently do that unsuccessful leaders don’t. Grant Wahl, the great writer for Sports Illustrated, gave us a glimpse into just some of these practices in their June […]

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17 Ways A Leader Can Make A Good Team A Great Team

There are many good teams in ministry, business, and sports.  But only a handful of these teams become great.  One of the key ingredients for teams going to the next level is, you guessed it, LEADERSHIP. Nowhere was this better demonstrated than with the 2015-2016 NHL Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins.  One of the primary reasons […]

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Ike Reighard’s 9 Lessons From His Heart Attack


During the month of June I am looking at Apex Leaders, those who at the top of their professions, along with their habits.  This study would be woefully incomplete without including Ike Reighard, the incomparable senior pastor of Piedmont Church located in Marietta, GA. I cannot convey how much I love and respect Ike Reighard.  There […]

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8 Hurdles All Leaders Must Face And Conquer

This is the third post in our June series looking at the practices of Apex Leaders, those who are the very best at what they do.  Just in case you missed the first two articles, click the following: 12 Tips On How The Most Successful Leaders Deal With Failure featuring the world’s top surfer Nic Lamb […]

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