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10 Traits Of Organizations That People Admire

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“Everyone wants to be told they’re pretty!” – former co-worker Every leader I know wants to head up a team, department or organization that people admire.  We all want to make a significant impact and see our influence increase.  The question becomes exactly how do you become an admired organization? Earlier this month, the Chicago […]

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16 Habits Of Leaders Who Have Your Back

“It’s nice to come to the park every day knowing that’s your leader and he has your back.” – Cleveland Indians’ Mike Napoli on his manger Terry Francona You have to trust your leaders to be a successful organization.  A lack of trust will destroy a team.  You must know your leader will have your […]

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7 Damaging Facts About Dysfunctional Organizations

Few things are as frustrating as being part of a dysfunctional organization.  Leadership becomes not about advancing mission and vision, but rather about minimizing and managing mistakes, retaining good employees, overcoming missed expectations, and resolving unhealthy conflict. In the National Football League, the Cleveland Browns are the team most associated with dysfunction and having a […]

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Why Generous Leaders Always Have An Advantage

Today, athletic apparel company Under Armour signed Bryce Harper to what is believed to be a 10-year contract extension making it the richest endorsement deal in baseball history.  What I find fascinating is the company’s aggressiveness in acquiring the best player(s) in each sport.  Check out their client list.  Each are great leaders and provided are […]

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7 Practices Of Leaders Who Build Healthy Workplace Cultures


There is nothing more important a leader can do than create a healthy workplace culture in their church, business, non-profit, team or organization.  Author Jon Gordon says, “It (culture) defines your expectations and beliefs.  Which define your behaviors.  Which then define your habits.  And then the habits create your future.”  Chip Kelly, head coach of […]

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25 Lessons On The Best Team Money Can Buy


Smart leaders know the importance of building great teams.  Teams allow you to accomplish far more than you ever could by yourself.  Teambuilding is a skill all successful leaders have developed. I just finished Molly Knight’s great book The Best Team Money Can Buy.  Molly effectively chronicles the story of the 2013 and 2014 Los […]

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