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33 Leadership Lessons From Bill Belichick’s Interview With Suzy Welch

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Today in a CNBC exclusive, Suzy Welch interviewed the incomparable head coach of the New England Patriots Bill Belichick.  There are few leaders in any industry as accomplished as the five-time Super Bowl champion.  I found Coach Belichick’s quotes very insightful.  Whether you lead an athletic organization, business, church, educational institution or non-profit, his thoughts […]

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6 Keys To Leading Grown Men And Women


Much has been written on leading millennials.  You can read some of my articles by clicking HERE, HERE and HERE.  However, what is the best way to lead non-millennials, grown men and women, 49-year-old grizzled, experienced professionals like me and many of you? I just finished Gary Myers’ insightful new book, (Tom) Brady Vs. (Peyton) […]

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