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Are We Being Too Tough On Pastors?

<a href="https://pixabay.com/users/alexramos10/">alexramos10</a> / Pixabay

When I was a teenager I did not look forward to the dreaded family meeting.  Myself, my brother and two sisters, would gather around the kitchen table where my dad and step-mom would pull out the yellow legal pad for an airing of the grievances.  My goal would be just to say, “Yes sir”, “Yes […]

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When A Leader Feels They Have Nothing Left To Give

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There comes a time in every leader’s life when they feel they have nothing left to give.  Throughout my life I have seen many leaders deal with this issue. Many of these leaders simply quit.  They leave their families.  They succumb to temptation.  They begin destroying everything and everyone around them.  Many trade real things […]

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