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The Top 25 Reasons Leaders Fail

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It is always disappointing when a leader fails.  This is because many times it was avoidable.  Therefore, to protect organizations and the leaders themselves from an unnecessary transition, the following are The Top 25 Reasons Leaders Fail: It was a bad hire or placement in the first place. The leader was ill-equipped for the job. […]

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10 Ways Leaders Should Handle Failure – Mississippi St Breaks UConn’s 111 Game Winning Streak

On Friday evening March 31st, the Mississippi State Bulldogs women’s basketball team shocked the sporting world by snapping the UConn Huskies 111-game winning streak with 66-64 overtime victory.  The win allows the Bulldogs to play for the national championship. What makes this win even more improbable is the Huskies defeated the Bulldogs by 60 points […]

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4 Reasons Celebrating Failure Is Not A Good Thing


“In today’s society, we move from headline to headline with dizzying speed. Today’s failure is tomorrow’s obscure Google search result. But just because the coverage has moved on, that doesn’t mean the impact of the failure has lessened. Failure leaves deep scars on leaders, and those scars can be tough for leaders to heal and […]

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11 Practices Of Leaders Who Unnecessarily Fall

Few things are as sad and disappointing as when a leader falls.  Oftentimes, it is completely unnecessary and avoidable.  But are there warning signs to the demise of a leader?  Can a leader turn it around.  The answer is YES!!! In today’s edition of Monday Morning Quarterback, writer Emily Kaplan chronicled the demise of former […]

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28 Ways Great Leaders Handle Failure

Failure is a constant companion in a leader’s life.  Sometime’s a welcome companion.  Sometimes not.  For leaders though, it is not a question of if you will fail, but when.  As a result, leaders must learn from failure and utilize its lessons to propel them to future success. Few leaders have had as much success […]

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Catalyst ’15 – 59 Leadership Quotes From Brad Lomenick

As a member of the Catalyst Blog Team and INJOY Stewardship Solutions, I will be bringing you live updates from the much anticipated Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, GA.  The theme for this year’s conference is Awaken The Wonder. Catalyst always begins by conducting a series of Labs on Wednesday for church leaders.  The afternoon’s next Lab session was conducted by […]

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