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5 Signs Of A Healthy Family


On January 21st, Dr. Gary Chapman visited Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, GA.  He preached a message entitled “5 Signs Of A Healthy Family”.  After listening to his thoughts, I felt the content was so important I wanted to share it with you. The following are 5 Signs Of A Healthy Family: We have talked so […]

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The Top 10 Leadership Skills Of Stay-At-Home Moms

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Many people think to be a leader you must have a group of people “under you”.  We need a fundamental shift in our thinking of what a leader is.  Leadership is not about position.  It is about influence.  Leaders do not need people “under them” to have tremendous influence. The top influencer in my life other than Jesus […]

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5 Words A Leader Never Wants To Hear

The pepperoni finally fought back!!!  My family was having a relaxing dinner at our favorite pizza spot.  We love this restaurant because the pizza literally comes out of the oven and is placed right then on your table.  It is very juicy, still sizzling, and VERY hot! Anyone who eats hot pizza knows how stringy […]

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10 Leadership Practices Of Stay-At-Home Moms

When I talk to people who do n0t read this blog, the main reason they give is they do not consider themselves to be leaders.  They think to be a leader you must have someone “under you”.  This is especially true of many of the women I speak with. We need a fundamental shift in our thinking of what a leader […]

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