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22 Quotes From Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban On Being A Leader

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https://youtu.be/wlHAVQtuxKg Are you ready for some football?  Absolutely!!!  On Wednesday, July 19th Alabama Crimson Tide head football coach Nick Saban appeared on ESPN’s First Take (see video above).  Winner of five national championships and four in the last seven years, Coach Saban is a wealth of knowledge regarding the subject of leadership.  He is arguably […]

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7 Damaging Facts About Dysfunctional Organizations

Few things are as frustrating as being part of a dysfunctional organization.  Leadership becomes not about advancing mission and vision, but rather about minimizing and managing mistakes, retaining good employees, overcoming missed expectations, and resolving unhealthy conflict. In the National Football League, the Cleveland Browns are the team most associated with dysfunction and having a […]

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6 Keys To Leading Grown Men And Women


Much has been written on leading millennials.  You can read some of my articles by clicking HERE, HERE and HERE.  However, what is the best way to lead non-millennials, grown men and women, 49-year-old grizzled, experienced professionals like me and many of you? I just finished Gary Myers’ insightful new book, (Tom) Brady Vs. (Peyton) […]

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29 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Woodlawn The Movie

This past Sunday evening First Baptist Church of Woodstock (Ga) had a special screening of the phenomenal new movie Woodlawn. Woodlawn tells the inspirational true story of Tony Nathan, a gifted African-American running back who attended Woodlawn High School and its head coach Tandy Gerelds, in the racially-divided city of Birmingham during the school’s first […]

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14 Habits Of Unsuccessful Organizations

Have you ever been part of a unsuccessful organization?  An organization with a culture of dysfunction and poor performance?  An organization of negativity and poor attitudes?  An organization which lacks vision and remains directionless?  An organization with poor leadership and a hopeless future? I have.  And as I reflect on those days I can feel my body tensing […]

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