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17 Ways A Leader Can Make A Good Team A Great Team

There are many good teams in ministry, business, and sports.  But only a handful of these teams become great.  One of the key ingredients for teams going to the next level is, you guessed it, LEADERSHIP. Nowhere was this better demonstrated than with the 2015-2016 NHL Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins.  One of the primary reasons […]

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18 Things Which Do Not Happen Without Quality Leadership

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Do not ever take leadership for granted.  Leadership is not to be discounted.  As John Maxwell famously said, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”  Without quality leadership, nothing good happens.  If you want your church, team or organization to get better, get better leadership. In the May 19th edition of the USA Today, Paul Bissonnette […]

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15 Qualities Of Leaders Worth Following

When you hear phrases like “He/she has the IT Factor”, “they just have a natural charisma about them” or “they have great leaderships skills”, do you wonder what exactly they mean by those statements?  In a May 26th Sports Illustrated article, writer Sarah Kwak refers to this as “the less easily defined ability to lead.” Chicago […]

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6 Ingredients All Churches And Businesses Need To Generate Momentum

One of the most important topics to leaders is the subject of momentum.  We all know what momentum looks like but it is hard to define.  The best definition I have heard is that momentum is when many positive things are all happening at the same time.  Momentum is something all leaders crave. Because we are so desperate […]

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10 Things One Coach Teaches Us About NextGen Leaders

Do you struggle with connecting with young, next generation leaders?  In the May 16th edition of Sports Illustrated, we are given a profile of an extraordinarily talented young leader. 39-year old Guy Boucher is the head coach of the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning. To put this in perspective, a 39-year-old pro hockey coach is similar to a […]

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Complacency Creep

Yesterday, I was provided a link to post entitled “Have You Been Caught Watching Your Pass?” by Scott Cochrane.  Scott is the Executive Director of The Leadership Centre Willow Creek Canada.  Am I glad he sent it because after reading it, I had to make it available to you. The following post which is applicable o anyone in leadership regardless […]

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12 Leadership Lessons From Some Of The Greatest Teams Of All-Time

Every organization should have a Research Development (R&D) department – a place where you can experiment and see if something will work.  Well, welcome to the Brian Dodd On Leadership R & D effort.  I am providing you leadership lessons from HOCKEY!  Please don’t leave just yet.  Let’s see if this is worth your time. The Sporting News has […]

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3 Ways To Find That One Person Who Can Change Your Organization

Can one person really make a difference?  I think they can and so do general managers in the NHL.  The following three individuals were the top picks in the draft and changed the fortunes of their organizations. Alex Ovechkin, the 1st pick in the 2004 NHL Draft, has won multiple Hart Trophies and turned Washington […]

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