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Live Blog From Capital Campaign University: 24 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Mike Linch


This morning I had the incredible privilege of sitting in a session conducted by the wonderful senior pastor of NorthStar Church Mike Linch.  As part of an event put on by INJOY Stewardship Solutions called Capital Campaign University, Mike gave an inspirational message on how to address the giants all leaders face.  Giants are those things we cannot overcome.  These words […]

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11 Lessons From Jesus On The Relationship Between Pastors And Financial Leaders

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There is much confusion in the Christian community about the relationship between pastors and financial leaders.  This is because for many years pastors used financial leaders.  Then, in a classic over-correction, pastors then began ignoring financial leaders.  The best approach is in the middle – pastors must disciple financial leaders. For a beautiful picture of […]

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7 Habits Of Highly Generous Leaders

If I have my pastor in the car with me and we go through a drive-thru at my local Chick-Fil-A and I purchase lunch for the car behind me, I am classified as “generous”.  It does not matter if I am robbing God with my tithes and offerings, I am now classified as a person […]

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14 Step Process Pastors And Church Leaders Must Take To Regain Trust From Their Congregations

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As a member of INJOY Stewardship Solutions, I know the importance of congregational trust when it comes to raising significant resources for new projects or ministry expansion.  However, the trust it takes years for pastors and church leaders to build up is not solely limited to capital campaigns.  It affects every area of ministry. Recently, […]

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