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5 Things I Am Currently Learning About Leadership

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The following are 5 Things I Am Currently Learning About Leadership: “The first thing I say is what people remember.”  These were the brilliant words of INJOY Stewardship Solutions Executive Vice President Ken Friar.  Great words for all communicators and anyone leading a meeting this Monday morning. “True friends multiply your joys and divide your sorrows.” […]

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16 Lessons On How Fathers Should Raise Their Sons

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This morning, Piedmont Church’s Family Ministries Pastor Nate Galloway delivered an INCREDIBLE message on how to fathers should raise boys.  Nate would know something about this as he has four incredible boys he is currently raising. As a parent myself, I was deeply challenged by his insights and desire to impact the next generation for […]

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25 Leadership Lessons For Parents

Michael Lukaszewski and I are great friends.  Prior to rejoining the Injoy Stewardship Solutions team (more on that next week) we worked together for the last year at The Rocket Company.  He has just authored an amazing parenting book entitled “No Matter What: 10 Lessons From A Father“.  I cannot recommend this book enough.  You […]

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17 Lessons On Raising Teenagers

The 10 Indispensable Practices Of The 2-Minute Leader

The two most important leadership roles I play are husband and father.  One of the many reasons being a parent is important is each day I set precedent and sent my daughter forward into a time I cannot see. Dr. Bob Rowland is the Family Ministries Pastor at Fellowship Bible Church where I attend.  In […]

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91 Leadership Quotes On Shaping The Next Generation

Earlier today I had the privilege of attending the Shaping The Next Generation Conference in Atlanta, GA.  Put on by Family Life Ministries and host by Ernie Johnson, Jr., this event featured my pastor Dr. Crawford Loritts of Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, GA. He was joined by his two sons, Bryan Loritts, Senior Pastor […]

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13 Practices Of Effective Fathers

 The Today Show recently featured the most emotionally moving segment I have ever seen.  At the time of the original airing, Dr. James Wolf had been given three months to live as he suffered from terminal pancreatic cancer. Even though she was not yet engaged, Dr. Wolf’s daughter Rachel desired the traditional Father-Daughter Wedding Dance.  With […]

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