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5 Things Every Great Leader Has

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I do not engage in many conversations on Twitter.  The level of discourse and anger is just not productive from my perspective.  I primarily utilize Twitter as a billboard for this website.  However, last week I was feeling strongly about something and posted the following: I’ve come to realize this past year that a truly […]

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What Is Greatness, How Churches Will Reach The Next Generation And 8 Other Things I’m Thinking About


The following are 10 Things I Am Currently Spending A Significant Amount Of Time Thinking About: What Is Greatness – American Pharaoh ran the Belmont Stakes, the third leg of the triple crown, in quarter mile times of 24:06, 24:77, 24:58, 24:58, 24:34 and 24:32 seconds.  It occurs to me greatness is excellence compounded over time. Do Not Confuse Outliers With […]

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12 Things Successful Leaders Focus On

Successful leaders focus on things unsuccessful leaders do not.  They are always growing, always thinking, always experimenting, always reading and always trying to get better.  This is because we know what made us successful today will not keep us successful tomorrow. Today I was reading some old articles I accumulated and wanted to pass along […]

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20 Things Leadership Simply Cannot Do

Leadership cannot and should not do everything.  In an effort to provide tools and resources for those in leadership positions, the following is a list of items that those on your team must do for themselves.  Feel free to post this somewhere in your office as a gentle reminder. Leadership can cast vision and connect […]

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My Strategy For Self-Leadership And Measuring Personal Performance

Statistically I am having the finest year of my 10-year tenure at Injoy Stewardship Solutions (ISS).  At ISS, we help churches with leadership development, creating and/or enhancing cultures of generosity, and specifically capital campaigns. The primary measurements for my personal success are how many church leaders are we having official meetings with to consider our services and […]

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9 Steps That Can Unleash Greatness In Others

As a leader, is there anything better than watching someone achieve more than they ever thought possible?  I love creating environments where people can unlock and then unleash the potential inside of them.  What a privilege it is watch dreams come true.  But exactly how do you do that as a leader? The subject of greatness is very mystical.  It […]

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Pastors, Husbands, And Church Leaders – 4 Things Needed To Finish Well

Rory McIlroy led the Masters golf tournament by four strokes heading into the final round.  However, things fell apart for him on the back 9 and he finished in 15th place shooting a final round 80.  “Being in the lead and winning is not the same thing,” he said.  As a middle-aged man who just celebrated his 20th wedding anniversary […]

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