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10 Practices Of Highly Successful Influencers

Alabama Crimson Tide Head Coach Nick Saban recently said, “You can’t really promote guys into leadership roles. I think that it’s something that sort of grows, develops and happens because of personality types and respect that other players have.” Coach Saban is right. There is a significant difference between leadership that is positional and the […]

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Quotes and Why We Love Them So Much

Like many bloggers, I frequently will post something and just know that it will become the most popular blog I’ve ever written.  However, statistics show that the most widely read posts I write are not my thoughts but rather compilations of great quotes or speeches by others.  This is a reminder that we are significantly moved and impacted by the use of words and language.  How a […]

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How To Build A Champion Part 3

The following is the final list of ten leadership excerpts from Christopher Price’s book The Blueprint that chronicles the construction of the New England Patriots.  Regardless of your profession, these leadership lessons apply across all disciplines.   Old guys had started the process of “regulating” the locker room. Brady recognized the importance of team building, of the […]

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How To Build A Champion Part 1

The New England Patriots were the NFL’s team of the decade.  In Christopher Price’s book The Blueprint he uncovers the architectural design of the team that has become the standard for how to construct a NFL franchise.  Regardless of your profession, these principles are transferable to building your organization.  Some of Price’s many findings from the 2000 and 2001 […]

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10 Things Every Husband Wants To Hear

In any area of a man’s life, his level of performance is in direction proportion to his wife’s confidence in him.  I was reminded of that fact this morning as we were getting ready for the day and my wife said “I love my life!”  As she said that I was filled with a healthy sense of pride.  As a husband […]

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