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5 Reasons Pastors Should Get Passionate About Families

 Carey Nieuwhof isone of Christianity’s greatest leaders.  In addition to being Senior Pastor of Connexus Community Church and member of the Orange team, he writes the best Christian blog I know of.  In preparation for the upcoming Orange Conference this is the third post I asked him to write on Christian leadership.  His thoughts are below and this […]

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91 Leadership Quotes On Shaping The Next Generation

Earlier today I had the privilege of attending the Shaping The Next Generation Conference in Atlanta, GA.  Put on by Family Life Ministries and host by Ernie Johnson, Jr., this event featured my pastor Dr. Crawford Loritts of Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, GA. He was joined by his two sons, Bryan Loritts, Senior Pastor […]

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8 Practices Of Highly Disliked Leaders

Leaders often struggle with the issue of whether being liked by their direct reports is important or not.  I personally believe it is because those on your team not only have to be ABLE to help you, they must also WANT to help you for your organization to thrive.  Otherwise, they will do the bare minimum necessary causing your leadership to be short-lived. Recently, […]

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14 Leadership Lessons Pastors And Church Leaders Can Learn From The Most Creative People In Business

In their June 2012 edition, Fast Company magazine identifies their Top 100 Most Creative People In Business.  The following are thoughts and insights from many of those listed.  They are making me re-think certain aspects of local church leadership. I would be interested in hearing from pastors and church leaders on the application of these ideas. Motivation […]

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9 Leadership Quotes and Lessons From Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

I love the Mission Impossible series.  They are absolutely fun, full of special effects and action, plenty of stuff blows up, basically implausible, and just plain entertaining.  The fourth installment of the Tom Cruise series, Ghost Protocol, is no exception.  With the dvd being released this Tuesday, I wanted to re-visit my thoughts on the film […]

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