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The One Thing All Smart Leaders Believe

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Legendary Duke Blue Devils mens basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski once said, “The single most important ingredient after you get talent is internal leadership.  It’s not the coaches as much as one single person or people on the team who set higher standards than that team would normally set for itself.” The following are 6 Lessons […]

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11 Keys To Recruiting Top Talent

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The lifeblood is any successful church, business, non-profit, or athletic organization is the ability to continually add and develop new talent.  Successful and sustainable leadership requires great recruiting. Wednesday, February 1st was National Signing Day for America’s top high school football talent.  The Ohio State Buckeyes finished with the 2nd-ranked class as judged by Rivals.com and one […]

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33 Practices Of Highly Successful Leaders

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Apex Leaders are the most successful of all leaders.  The tops in their field.  The very best at what they do.  One of the best ways to become a highly successful leader is to learn from these outliers. FYI, to know more about the unique qualities of these individuals, click 16 Characteristics Of Apex Leadership. The […]

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No Matter How Good You Are, Every Leader Needs This


Several years ago, a friend of mine named Rick attended the Masters Tournament in Augusta, GA.  He, along with thousands of others, followed Tiger Woods throughout an entire Sunday afternoon.  At the time, Tiger was at the apex of his career. One specific moment caught Rick’s attention.  Tiger and his caddie were discussing a particular […]

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Live Blog: 2015 Leadership Summit – 8 Leadership Quotes From Bill Hybels Pre-Summit Session

In an effort to add value to pastors and church leaders, INJOY Stewardship Solutions has dispatched me to attend the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit.  During the next three days, I will be bringing the top leadership lessons from the incredible faculty the WCA has assembled. As a special gift to everyone reading these posts, INJOY Stewardship is […]

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