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3 Easy Steps Pastors And Church Leaders Can Take To Better Engage Their Online Communities

I am going to speak about a certain type of local church leader that I have not heard anyone else speak on.  When people speak of leaders in local churches, they are usually placed in one of three categories: Positional Leaders – This is what we often think of.  These are individuals who have a title such as pastor, elder, […]

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13 Leadership Quotes From Larry King: Dinner With Kings – Conan O’Brien, Jack Dorsey, and Shaquille O’Neal

Recently, CNN’s Larry King and his wife hosted a dinner party with some of the most powerful people in the world.  The show was called Dinner With Kings.  Their comments were amazing, shocking, and in some instances, very sad. Larry’s guests were Russell Brand, Jack Dorsey, Seth MacFarlane, Quincy Jones, Conan O’Brien, Shaquille O’Neal, and […]

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