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The Top 10 Leadership Posts I Read The Week Of January 16th

Brian Dodd

Many leaders confuse networking with prospecting.  You can easily spot prospectors.  They are about building relationships primarily benefiting them.  Networking is about establishing relationships for the sole purpose of benefitting someone else.  One example is when you connect two people who need to know each other whether you benefit or not.  The most successful leaders […]

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7 Habits Of Highly Generous Leaders

<a href="">johnhain</a> / Pixabay

If I have my pastor in the car with me and we go through a drive-thru at my local Chick-Fil-A and I purchase lunch for the car behind me, I am classified as “generous”.  It does not matter if I am robbing God with my tithes and offerings, I am now classified as a person […]

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