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14 Things High Profile Leaders Want In A Friend

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Do you wish to become friends and have influence with your pastor, boss, the successful head coach, or perhaps someone with a very large platform?  If so, the following story is for you. A July 5, 1991 meeting between two business titans became the catalyst for an enduring friendship which changed the lives of hundreds […]

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20 Signs Of Maturity For Young Leaders

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Talent is never enough.  This is something all young leaders eventually learn.  Young leaders may be energetic, fast, intelligent and full of ideas.  However, a lack of maturity could derail all of these positive traits. As I collected the thoughts from very smart leaders this week, maturity seemed to be a central theme. ESPN’s NFL […]

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The Top 25 Reasons Leaders Fail

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It is always disappointing when a leader fails.  This is because many times it was avoidable.  Therefore, to protect organizations and the leaders themselves from an unnecessary transition, the following are The Top 25 Reasons Leaders Fail: It was a bad hire or placement in the first place. The leader was ill-equipped for the job. […]

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What To Value When Hiring Leaders And 17 Other Thoughts From BELAY CEO Bryan Miles


On March 4, 2016, Bryan Miles, co-founder and CEO of BELAY Solutions,  sat down for a revealing interview in the Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast.  Bryan is an incredible leader and whenever he speaks on the subject of leadership, I listen.  You can watch and listen to the full interview by clicking HERE. If you are unfamiliar with BELAY, […]

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Complete Content From Today’s 6 Orange One-Day Tour Speakers


Injoy Stewardship Solutions graciously allowed me to serve pastors and church leaders by live blogging from today’s Orange One-Day Tour event in Atlanta, GA.  Orange is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to influence those who influence the next generation. Orange provides resources and training for churches and organizations that create environments for parents, kids and teenagers. For […]

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