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5 Harsh Lessons All Successful Leaders Should Know

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On October 4th, 1997, a group of whale watchers chartered a boat out of San Francisco in hopes of seeing grey or sperm whales.  After departing, the boat’s captain was notified two killer whales were spotted at the Farallon Islands about 20 miles off the coast.  Orcas are rarely seen at the Farallons so with […]

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11 Keys To Recruiting Top Talent

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The lifeblood is any successful church, business, non-profit, or athletic organization is the ability to continually add and develop new talent.  Successful and sustainable leadership requires great recruiting. Wednesday, February 1st was National Signing Day for America’s top high school football talent.  The Ohio State Buckeyes finished with the 2nd-ranked class as judged by and one […]

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The 46 Rules Of Genius


I read Marty Numeier’s book The 46 Rules Of Genius after seeing ranked on a website as the top business book of 2016.  I was not disappointed.  This book is incredible and I highly recommend it for all leaders.  You should pick up multiple copies for your team by clicking HERE. The following are 25 […]

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One Of The Most Misunderstood Things Leaders Must Deal With


One of the most confusing things leaders deal with is the subject of delegation.  How much do you delegate?  Who do you delegate to?  After delegating, how involved should you remain?  When do you take something back? Recently, Danielle Edwards of BELAY Solutions wrote a very insightful article on the subject of delegation which I want […]

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6 Ways Great Leaders Solve Problems

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Do you want to do something great with your life?  Do you want your life to truly count?  Do you want to make your mark in this world?  I do not think any leader wants a life of mediocrity.  No leader wants to be average or insignificant.  We all want to live remarkable lives. But […]

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