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15 Leadership Lessons From The Shallows Movie

<a href="">skeeze</a> / Pixabay

The Shallows is the classic summer popcorn movie.  It is straight-forward, not a lot of thinking required, get your popcorn, and enjoy 90 minutes of intense action.  It also does not hurt that Shark Week begins tomorrow on the Discovery Channel. The story is about Nancy Adams, played by Blake Lively, who goes on a surfing […]

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27 Reasons Why Life.Church Led By Pastor Craig Groeschel Is America’s Largest Church

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Led by founding and senior pastor Craig Groeschel, Life.Church is America’s largest church.  With its 25 campuses, this incredible ministry based out of Oklahoma City averages over 70,000 in its weekend services. Recently while out-of-town attending the Southern Baptist Convention, I decided to watch one of their Saturday evening services to better understand the impact […]

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