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32 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Creed

Creed, the sixth installment of the Rocky franchise, is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!  Along with War Room, this is the best movie I have seen in 2015.  This is no exaggeration, Sylvester Stallone playing the aging Rocky Balboa, deserves an Oscar.  There are some scenes, especially visiting Adrianne’s grave and an initial visit to the doctor, which […]

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11 Results Of Leaders Who Poorly Convey Their Message


Leadership comes with a microphone.  The ability to effectively communicate your message is critical to your success.  More specifically, effective vision casting creates organizational alignment and gives clear direction to your entire team. Without vision, your leadership will never gain traction and your team will then wander aimlessly. In the November 18th edition of USA […]

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This Woman Is Someone’s Daughter


My senior pastor Crawford Loritts tells the story of driving his son Bryndan through downtown Atlanta and noticing a homeless man.  Crawford told Bryndan, “Son, that is someone’s son and he deserves respect.”  I thought a lot about Crawford’s words this week. On Monday afternoon, I was flying Delta from Atlanta to Raleigh-Durham to meet with […]

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7 Signs You Are A Financially Confident Leader


Are you a financially confident leader? Leaders face multitudes of challenges, but financial decisions can be among the most stressful. Nearly every leader has experienced a moment where they lacked financial confidence. For some, the moment occurred when they started a new business and wondered whether or not their passion would translate into profitability and […]

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10 Ways A Leader Knows It Is Over

Leadership is temporary.  Our responsibility is to steward it well while we have it.  The fact our leadership responsibilities will one day conclude is a sobering reality that is in the back of all our minds. This is why my heart goes out to the incredible Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.  Manning is arguably one […]

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