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Nick Saban’s 11 Lessons On Successful Teamwork


I love reading books on great coaches.  What I find fascinating about coaches is they lead high-capacity individuals in high-profile, high-stress environments which are immediately measurable.  Coaches have to deal with preparation, conflict, overcoming adversity, in-game adjustments, talent evaluation, multi-millionaire players, billionaire owners and how to deal with success and failure. Some of my favorite […]

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When Problems Become Opportunities

I had to work a recent Memorial Day.  It was definitely something I wasn’t looking forward to.  I needed the rest.  Responsibilities, however, often come into play.  The Foursquare Church was having its annual convention and I needed to man the booth for our company in the exhibit hall. I have learned in these environments […]

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10 Warnings For Leaders Who Struggle With Pride

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I struggle with pride.  I never knew how much until I began reading Dr. Johnny Hunt’s amazing book Demolishing Strongholds: Finding Victory Over The Struggles That Hold You Back.  Pastor Johnny focuses on three primary components – Sex, Greed and Pride.  I recommend you pick up a copy by clicking HERE. I did not know […]

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5 Current Practices Of The Best Leaders I Am Working With

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The fundamentals of leadership never change.  Be servant leader.  Build a great team.  Develop trust.  Leverage influence for the good of others.  Be generous.  Construct and cast compelling vision and many, many other practices you are probably very familiar with. However, I have noticed the expressions and nuances of leadership are continually changing.  The reason […]

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5 Words That Will Haunt Every Leader

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Sunday August 15th, 2010 will always be the day in my life the pepperoni fought back!!!  My family was having a relaxing dinner at our favorite pizza spot.  We love this place because the pizza literally comes out of the oven and is placed right then on your table.  It is very juicy, still sizzling, […]

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Complete Content Listing Of The 2017 NFL Hall Of Fame Speeches

The following is the Complete Content Listing Of The 2017 NFL Hall Of Fame Speeches.  Just click the speaker whose content you would  like to read. For my money, I highly recommend Jason Taylor, LaDainian Tomlinson and Jerry Jones.  Enjoy! Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Kurt Warner Leadership Quotes And Lessons Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Leadership […]

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