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4 Responsibilities Of Church Leadership


I am so excited for Bryan Miles and his wife Shannon on the consolidation of their companies (MAG Bookkeeping, EAHelp, etc…) into one HUGE brand called BELAY.  If you want to grow your organization, they are the leading company to help you with virtual services such as staffing, bookkeeping, and creative copywriters.  I cannot recommend them enough.  To learn […]

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Free Ebook On The Coaching Brilliance Of Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 8.34.54 PM

Fox Sports’ Joe Klatt once made an interesting observation.  He said and I’m paraphrasing, “We are wasting Nick Saban on coaching.  He needs to be doing something like running for president.”  What Joe was saying is Nick’s philosophy of leadership, organizational capabilities, personnel development, commitment to excellence, and legendary “Process” are at historic levels and […]

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