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38 Results Of Being An Evil Leader

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Does it sometimes feel like the good guys never win?  Do you ever wonder why the evil, the crooked, or those with lack of integrity seem to always come out on top?  We all do from time-to-time. If you are currently feeling this way, I want to point you to the greatest leadership book ever […]

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20 Signs Of Maturity For Young Leaders

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Talent is never enough.  This is something all young leaders eventually learn.  Young leaders may be energetic, fast, intelligent and full of ideas.  However, a lack of maturity could derail all of these positive traits. As I collected the thoughts from very smart leaders this week, maturity seemed to be a central theme. ESPN’s NFL […]

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17 Lessons From J.J. Watt’s Hurricane Harvey Fundraising Effort On Generosity And Leadership


We have all witnessed the historic levels of devastation in the city of Houston and its surrounding areas caused by Hurricane Harvey this week.  We have also watched our country rally together to serve those in need.  The level of generosity, love, sacrifice, efficiency and care for people who are suffering has been incredibly inspiring. […]

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10 Warnings For Leaders Who Struggle With Pride

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I struggle with pride.  I never knew how much until I began reading Dr. Johnny Hunt’s amazing book Demolishing Strongholds: Finding Victory Over The Struggles That Hold You Back.  Pastor Johnny focuses on three primary components – Sex, Greed and Pride.  I recommend you pick up a copy by clicking HERE. I did not know […]

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4 Steps To Transferring A Leader’s Private Practices Into Public Influence


We have all seen great leaders, athletes, politicians, teachers, business leaders and public officials taken down by private behavior.  The opposite is true as well.  Healthy private practices can have a positive effect on your public influence.  So what steps can we take improve our character? Recently BELAY Solutions shed some light on this topic.  If you […]

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Why Good Pastors And Church Staff Sometimes Get Fired

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This past weekend I was watching the incredible movie Apollo 13.  When it appeared the astronauts could die in space, the news media, who had chosen not to cover the scheduled moon landing, were now descending on the home of astronaut Jim Lovell in mass.  Lovell’s wife Marilyn, played by Kathleen Quinlan, asked a NASA […]

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11 Warnings About Foolish Leaders

If you want to know where to begin reading leadership lessons in Bible, start with reading one chapter a day in the book of Proverbs.  It is full of wisdom which will make you a better person and leader.  In fact, there are 31 chapters in Proverbs.  One for each day of a 31-day month. […]

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When A Leader Feels They Have Nothing Left To Give

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There comes a time in every leader’s life when they feel they have nothing left to give.  Throughout my life I have seen many leaders deal with this issue. Many of these leaders simply quit.  They leave their families.  They succumb to temptation.  They begin destroying everything and everyone around them.  Many trade real things […]

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15 Things Leaders Must Have On The Inside To Be Successful

There is a difference between leader development and leadership development.  Leader development is becoming the type of person God can use to accomplish an assignment or task in His name.  Leadership development is developing the skills needed to accomplish the assignment or task. You need both.  And successful leaders focus on leader development just as […]

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