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7 Damaging Facts About Dysfunctional Organizations

Few things are as frustrating as being part of a dysfunctional organization.  Leadership becomes not about advancing mission and vision, but rather about minimizing and managing mistakes, retaining good employees, overcoming missed expectations, and resolving unhealthy conflict. In the National Football League, the Cleveland Browns are the team most associated with dysfunction and having a […]

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25 Lessons On The Best Team Money Can Buy


Smart leaders know the importance of building great teams.  Teams allow you to accomplish far more than you ever could by yourself.  Teambuilding is a skill all successful leaders have developed. I just finished Molly Knight’s great book The Best Team Money Can Buy.  Molly effectively chronicles the story of the 2013 and 2014 Los […]

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15 Practices Of Highly Successful Leaders Who Build Great Churches And Organizations

John Maxwell is famous for saying, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”  Organizations rise and fall on leadership.  Teams rise and fall on leadership.  Most importantly, churches rise and fall on leadership.  And the sobering truth is not every leader can build a great organization, team or church. For lessons on how to do so, I […]

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14 Habits Of Unsuccessful Organizations

Have you ever been part of a unsuccessful organization?  An organization with a culture of dysfunction and poor performance?  An organization of negativity and poor attitudes?  An organization which lacks vision and remains directionless?  An organization with poor leadership and a hopeless future? I have.  And as I reflect on those days I can feel my body tensing […]

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7 Things Your Church Or Organization Must Know If You Lose A Great Leader

All churches and organizations have lost great leaders before.  Transitions are the only constant with team members.  All leadership positions are temporary and therefore, must be stewarded well. So what must you know when you lose a great leader?  For answers we can look to the Miami Heat when LeBron James returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers during […]

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7 Practices Of Terrible Teams

Earlier this week I wrote a post entitled 7 Practices Of Highly Effective Teams.  This post has resonated the readers of this site.  But when you discuss what makes some teams so successful, you have to also ask the opposite question.  Why do some teams perform so poorly? To discover the answer to this question, […]

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