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14 Step Process Pastors And Church Leaders Must Take To Regain Trust From Their Congregations

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As a member of INJOY Stewardship Solutions, I know the importance of congregational trust when it comes to raising significant resources for new projects or ministry expansion.  However, the trust it takes years for pastors and church leaders to build up is not solely limited to capital campaigns.  It affects every area of ministry. Recently, […]

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13 Signs Leaders Do Not Trust Their Employees

Recently, I read an article from the LinkedIn Talent Blog (full article here) which identified 12 signs a company does not trust their employees.  The following is their list: Giving instructions instead of goals. Making an employee use personal time off to leave early for a dentist appointment. Having managers work all hours of the […]

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Live Blog: 2015 Leadership Summit – 32 Leadership Quotes From Sallie Krawcheck

In an effort to add value to pastors and church leaders, INJOY Stewardship Solutions has dispatched me to attend the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit.  During the next three days, I will be bringing the top leadership lessons from the incredible faculty the WCA has assembled. As a special gift to everyone reading these posts, INJOY Stewardship is […]

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The Leadership of Bobby Cox Part 2

In a continuing effort to capture the leadership qualities of Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox in this his final year, I want to reference an article written in the May 24, 2010 edition of The Sporting News. Writer Steve Greenberg captures incredible insights into Cox’s personality by those closest to him. Read the comments listed below […]

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