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14 Things High Profile Leaders Want In A Friend

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Do you wish to become friends and have influence with your pastor, boss, the successful head coach, or perhaps someone with a very large platform?  If so, the following story is for you. A July 5, 1991 meeting between two business titans became the catalyst for an enduring friendship which changed the lives of hundreds […]

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Live Blog: 2016 Leadership Summit – 36 Leadership Quotes From Travis Bradberry


In an effort to add value to pastors and church leaders during the next three days, I will be bringing the top leadership quotes and lessons from the incredible faculty at the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit. The Global Leadership Summit is a two-day event telecast from Willow Creek Community Church’s campus to hundreds of locations across […]

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How To Avoid Losing Your Team’s Talented Leaders

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There is a difference between hiring talented leaders and retaining talented leaders.  Retaining talented leaders is far more difficult as this recent story will attest. On Sunday afternoon, November 29th Georgia Bulldogs fans everywhere were shocked when university officials fired long-time head football coach Mark Richt.  I was so angered I wrote the post The […]

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The Most Attractive Quality A Leader Can Have


Obviously I have met hundreds, maybe thousands of leaders in my life.  So have you. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes.  Some take extraordinary risks.  Others play it closer to the vest.  Some have larger than life personalities.  Others are introverted.  Some are well-educated.  Others have innate street smarts.  Some have large platforms.  Others […]

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9 Reasons Churches And Businesses Lose Great Leaders

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Aldridge will sign a four-year, $80 million maximum contract with San Antonio, league source tells Yahoo. — Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojVerticalNBA) July 4, 2015 Great leaders are a premium.  There is a limited number of them.  As a church, business, non-profit, or athletic organization, you simply cannot afford to needlessly lose great leaders. On July 4th, […]

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